What is the difference between tinned iron cans and tinplate cans

In stores, we can often see a dazzling array of exquisitely packaged products. When the same product is packaged differently, the products packaged in iron boxes will become the first consumers want to know. In fact, we want to understand it, one is because of its beautiful packaging, and the other is because of the. . .

Four Types of Packaging Materials Used in the Food Industry

Packaging materials used in food industry comes in a variety of material, shapes and colours that serve different functions in context to preserving the properties of the food item that they carry inside. Since food often falls in the impulse buying category, the core purpose of packaging is presentation, preservation, and safety of the food.. . .

Offset Printing Advantages and Disadvantages: Picking the best process for your project

Unless you know the difference between digital and offset printing advantages, choosing the right method to make marketing or business materials like brochures, flyers, newsletters, and business cards is a difficult decision. The offset process has been around for over a century. It consists of transferring an image from a metal plate to a rubber. . .

Five Advantages of Metal Packaging

If you are looking to change your packaging material, then one of the best choices you can make is deciding on metal. Using metal for your products’ packaging offers many benefits to you, your customers and the product itself. Here are five advantages of metal packaging: Product protection Some products need to be stored in. . .

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