What is the difference between tinned iron cans and tinplate cans

In stores, we can often see a dazzling array of exquisitely packaged products. When the same product is packaged differently, the products packaged in iron boxes will become the first consumers want to know. In fact, we want to understand it, one is because of its beautiful packaging, and the other is because of the practicality of the tin box. Generally, we can use the tin box as a storage box when the goods in it are eaten or used up. This is actually one of the reasons why we want to understand the goods packaged in tin boxes.

Generally, everyone knows the practicability and environmental protection of tin boxes, and then most people don’t have a deeper understanding of tin boxes. In fact, the tin box packaging products we see in the world are generally made of tinplate. There are two types of tinplate cans: tinned cans and frosted cans. Tin-plated iron is also called white iron or ordinary iron. Its price is cheaper than frosted iron. The surface has no sandy surface. After printing a layer of white on the base layer, various exquisite patterns can be printed. At the same time, it can also be used for various golden and silver penetrating iron printing. It can return to light under bright light, giving people a dazzling feeling, and it is high-end, and the price is also affordable. Therefore, tin-plated iron printing and tin can packaging are deeply loved by customers.

The frosted iron in tinplate is also called silver light iron, and the surface is sandy, so people are usually called silver light iron. Its price is one of the more expensive tinplate materials. Generally, iron cans are usually used for non-printing. For tin can packaging, if the tin cans that need to be printed are usually sandy, they are usually printed with permeable iron. The stretch and hardness of frosted iron are generally not as good as tinned iron. Some specifications of tinplate are not suitable for use. For products that stretch relatively large.

As the saying goes, “radish and greens have their own love”. Some people like tinplate because of its exquisite printing patterns. Some people like frosted tins because they like the texture of the iron itself. Tinplate cans can actually satisfy these requirements. Human aesthetics and pursuit.

In view of this, there are three major directions and skills for how to improve the appearance of tinplate boxes.

It is often the outside that attracts people’s attention at first glance. How to make one’s own sales products stand out from similar shelves and attract consumers’ eyes, the appearance of product packaging is very important. So in what ways can you start to improve the appearance of tinplate packaging?

The first point

To improve the appearance of tinplate box packaging, we must start with the external pattern design. The high-value tinplate box packaging can be considered from the three major directions of pattern organization, theme expression and product display style. Cater to the needs of consumers well. It can also better combine the appeal of packaging, the interestingness of the pattern and the image of the product and corporate culture.

Second point

Exquisite tinplate packaging is also an indispensable factor. Exquisiteness mainly includes exquisite color, exquisite design and exquisite packaging, all of which are also indispensable.

Third point

The tinplate box is made of environmentally friendly materials. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and beautiful appearance of tin in a single material. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and good ductility. The original tinplate has characteristics and advantages, but we are much better than others in the original material. Opacity and good sealing.

Moreover, there is a layer of food-grade ink in the tinplate, which also has considerable protection for our food. The surface printing inks used in tinplate are environmentally friendly, which can be directly in contact with food and is harmless to the body. Food-grade inks can pass US FDA inspections, SGS inspections, etc., and can be directly in contact with food. Children can eat with ease, and adults can rest assured!

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